Optimizing the Virtual Learner Experience

Panelists: Keith Keating

Wednesday, October 21 | 11:00 a.m. EDT

Designing and delivering virtual experiences is not new.  Remote, distance, and virtual learning have been around for many years.  What has changed, however, is the entire world has gone virtual and many who were not prepared are now delivering virtual learning experiences.  Lifting and shifting ILT to VILT does NOT work.  Subsequently we have gone from Zoom Excitement to Zoom Exhaustion overnight and now all virtual learning experiences are under the microscope for scrutiny.

Fear not!

During this engaging and interactive 60-minute synchronous session, Keith Keating, Senior Director at GP Strategies, will be sharing best practices based on research and years of practical experience from successfully designing and delivering hundreds of virtual experiences.  This session is a must for both novice and seasoned facilitators alike for all of the relevant and timely best practices and guiding principles needed today to design and deliver successfully optimized virtual learning experiences.  And for those who are not virtual facilitators - many of the best practices apply for meeting facilitation (an important transferable skill often overlooked and undervalued).

This session will cover:
  • Insights into the modern virtual learner experience
  • Best practices for designing effective virtual experiences using virtual conference tools
  • Guiding principles to capture learner attention and encourage participation in online environments
  • Strategies for shifting ILT to VILT
  • Tips and tricks for facilitating engaging virtual experiences