WEBINAR - Leadership Acceleration: Meeting the Global Reskilling Challenge


Leadership Acceleration: Meeting the Global Reskilling Challenge

Presented by: Oliver Castling & Leah Clark

Thursday, 22 July 2021
10:30 a.m. Singapore Time | 12:30 p.m. Sydney Time

Disruptors, such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, automation, and the like, have made the need for agility, learning, and reskilling critical in every professional environment. Many jobs and skills will be automated away and what's left is the uniquely human soft skills, chief among these is leadership. Traditionally leadership development has been the domain of the physical classroom environment. But with remote working now being a norm and the need for true behavioural change over time, holding short on-site classroom training isn't as viable as before. Even where possible, often the learning team is plagued with constraints such as scalability, costs, and effectiveness. So, where do we go from here? How do we ensure that our leaders can have opportunities to learn new skills and thrive in the modern professional environment? How do we meet the Global Reskilling Challenge?

Join us for this 60-minute webinar session as Oliver Castling, Director of Client Engagement (Singapore) & Leah Clark, Senior Director, Leadership Development Thought Leader, uncover the disruptors and modern-day challenges of leadership development and share ideas and best practices for tackling these through highly engaging modern learning experiences, leveraging technology but maximising human connection.

In this interactive webinar, Oliver & Leah will provide insights on:

  • The Disruptors behind the Global Reskilling Challenge
  • The Challenges of Leadership Development
  • How to Meet these Challenges head on to ensure your Workforce is Future-proofed
  • The Leadership Acceleration Experience

We will also have a Q&A session open to the audience, should you have any questions on Leadership Acceleration, the Future of Learning Experience, and everything else.

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