Asset Performance Matters September 2020

Technical Training: The Key to Maximizing ROI in the Asset Lifecycle

Welcome to the Q3 2020 edition of Asset Performance Matters. This quarterly newsletter brings you insights and strategies on how organizations can optimize the performance of their human and capital assets, even during these changing times. This edition of Asset Performance Matters will focus on the critical importance of training and the positive impact it can have on your asset performance strategy.

Why Continuous Training


Understanding the Relationship: Asset Management to Asset Performance Management

A successful APM strategy focuses on improving the performance of physical assets while minimizing operating costs and risk.

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Asset Data Foundation


Building a Technical Workforce to Achieve Asset Performance Management Success

Join Craig Dalziel and Doug Robey as they discuss the ways in which proper technical training and a focus on your workforce can be an integral part of your Asset Performance strategy.

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The Future of Technical Learning Is Changing

The technical learner of the future has a distinct advantage over those of the past. There are many new, impactful ways in which to absorb technical training. From chatbots to touch screens to photorealistic and dimensionally immersive virtual reality simulations, the future for the technical learner is exciting.

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Why a Continuous Training Program Is Essential

As the pace of technological development increases, job-specific technical training becomes particularly important. As a result, many employees who were hired based on their experience and education alone now face a skills gap.

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Operator Maintain Trainng


Operator & Maintenance Training: New production Line

Abnormalities and defects existed on a production line that directly impacted the Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE). Learn how GP Strategies was able to help their client execute a comprehensive operator training program for a new production line.

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ETA Pro Monitoriing


Remote Monitoring Provided Easy Access to Data During the COVID Disruption

With the infrastructure already in place, moving to a remote work environment provided seamless data monitoring at a moment’s notice.

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Nexus Spotlight


NEW Nexus Global RCA Software Delivers Quality, Safety, and Performance

Whether it’s equipment failing to produce or nagging plant issues of any sort, let Investigation Optimizer be part of the solution. Equip your team with a simple, standardized, evidence-based approach to root cause analysis (RCA) and eliminate wasted process, time, and money.

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