Performance Matters 2021
New Year New Standard Workforce Transistion

For years, the learning industry has stressed digital transformation and modern learning, but many organizations have been slow to adapt. In 2020, no one had a choice. Last year changed workplace learning forever and compelled all of us to pivot quickly and redefine our strategies, accelerate transformation, and infuse our learning organizations with exciting new approaches.

GP Strategies used 2020 to clarify our vision of workforce learning and to deepen our commitment to helping organizations and people perform at their highest potential. As we ring in a new year, our new brand better reflects our leadership in the midst of all this transformation. From our dynamic new colors and logo to our new website, we offer ourselves as “Your Workforce Transformation Partner.” There is no guidebook for workforce transformation or this new era of learning and development. But there are experts. Innovators. And leaders. As 2021 begins—and throughout the year—GP Strategies will be sharing our strategies, tips, techniques, and lessons learned here. We are excited where all this is taking the industry and we are happy to lead the way.

Workforce Transformation


What is Workforce Transformation and Why You Should Care

What distinguishes true workforce transformation is recognizing that people are at the heart of the change and L&D solutions need to be designed from a human-centric approach.

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Learning Trends 2021


Learning Trends 2021 Facing the Future in a Business as Unusual World

Go beyond learning trends and explore the ways L&D organizations can thrive in a business as unusual world.

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What 2020 Can Teach Us About Leadership… and Life

We’ve gained lessons and perspectives on Trust, Empowerment, Accountability, Community, and Humanity. What did 2020 TEACH us?

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How L&D is Changing in Financial Services

In the last decade, the Financial Services sector has changed enormously. These days, “change” is a badge worn with honor by the most successful institutions.

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8 Truths


8 Truths to Shape Your Success

Tenets for personal professional development that have held up to fuel your search for more great days at work.

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