Performance Matters 2021
Learning Trends for the Future of Work

The way we learn and work has changed exponentially in a relatively short period of time. Even as we start to see people return to the office, virtual strategies have organizations rethinking the future of work. This issue includes insights into the opportunities, challenges, and global trends impacting our workforce as well as tips and techniques you can implement to meet the demands of your learners and organization.

Engaging the Modern Learner


Engaging the Modern Learner

Designing for the modern learner needs to move beyond the delivery to the journey as a whole. Discover the importance of the learner experience and share insights for creating strategies that are driven by learner-centric design.

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Learning Trends 2021


Future Workplace: Viability of Virtual and Augmented Reality

Many companies are interested in using AR/VR for corporate learning, but don’t know where to get started. Explore where VR, AR and MR are headed, what software drives them, and tips to incorporate the technology into your learning strategy.

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Filtering Through the Noise: Which Technologies Are Right for Your Learners?

Sort through the noise and identify the technologies that will meet the needs of your learners and make up a strong learning ecosystem.

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Measuring Learning Impact: Getting Aligned with the Business

Boost your confidence and introduce an actionable and replicable process for aligning learning goals with business goals.

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Keeping Virtual Learners Engaged


5 Tips for Keeping Virtual Learners Engaged

Do your virtual learners become disengaged or distracted? These 5 tips will help you design and deliver successful virtual learning experiences.

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Leadership Acceleration
Create the Ripple

Learner Experience Playbooks: What they Are, and Why You Need One

Wednesday, May 12   1:00pm – 2:00pm New York Tim  

Learn the importance of the learner experience and how to support them through a learner-centric strategy, the finer points of a successful learner experience playbook, and how-tos for creating an experience playbook for your organization’s L&D initiatives.

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The Magnificent Middle: Supporting Middle Manager Superheroes

Thursday, May 13   1:00pm – 2:00pm New York Time

Join us for this complimentary Training Industry webinar to learn why your experienced leaders are the superheroes you need right now, and the importance of accelerating their development so they can light a fire under your organization’s performance.

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Measuring Learning ROI: Measurement by Design

Thursday, May 20   2:00pm – 3:00pm Singapore Time  

A discussion on what the potential of data and measurement holds for us as L&D professionals in this day and age.

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