60-Minute Webinar

Reinventing Leadership: Who Wants to Lead, Who Doesn’t, and What Employees Really Think of Their Leaders

Tuesday, October 26, 2021
11:00 am EDT
So much of how we work has been altered over the past 18 months—and the demands of leadership have changed as well. The great work-from-home experiment revealed people could “get it done” under extreme and unusual circumstances. Individuals did their work well and made decisions without as much leader oversight. What this time period revealed is not the fact that we don’t need leaders, but that we need leaders to interact with employees differently. Reinvention is taking place all around us, and leaders should reinvent as well. It’s an exciting time for people leaders if they can take the meaningful lessons of the recent past and use them to refashion their role. But how?
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GP Strategies asked 1,000 US-based individual contributors what they want from the work they do, their expectations for moving into a leadership role, and whether their current managers have the ability to develop them as future leaders.

Join us for this free 60-minute webinar, presented by Leah Clark, Senior Director of Leadership, where we will explore how people leaders should pursue reinventing leadership.

During this interactive webinar, Leah will provide easy-to-understand insights on:

  1. Where leaders do a good job leading and where they stumble
  2. What motivates future people leaders and what they need to be ready to lead
  3. What leaders can add to the lives and the livelihood of an increasingly self-directed employee population
  4. How to understand what employees and future leaders want from the work they do