WEBINAR - Adopting Technology


How SAP Users are Adopting Technology in the New Normal

Presented by: Linda Lamppert

Tuesday, June 16 | 10:00 a.m. EDT

In times of sudden disruption, are you finding your SAP implementation and technology adoption plans are overly reliant on face-to-face interactions? Is your organization struggling to maintain continuity with engagement, communications, learning, training efforts, or user support? This short session will help you understand how using a cost-effective alternative like GP WISE can help you evolve your solution to meet the challenges of our new normal.

Regardless of whether you’re going live in two months or two years, having an effective strategy for dealing with disruptions that affect your people is a good idea. Join this 20-minute webinar from the GP Strategies Enterprise Technology Adoption team to learn best practices for developing an effective implementation strategy.

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